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If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

Abraham Maslow
Abraham Maslow


CanSolveIt helps your company make the most out of your investment into new and existing business applications. As a rule, a new business system package requires proper configuration to meet unique company business needs. Quite often, there is a requirement to build consistent integrated processes around the application to ensure optimal utilization of its capabilities.

More importantly, it is necessary to manage the application implementation projects for successful integration and adoption of the tool into a business environment. Companies often do not possess enough resources in-house that could take ownership of such strategic and temporary projects. CanSolveIt provides services that take your business through a transition stage.

Our Team

Our team consists of professionals coming from various backgrounds like business, economics, IT, linguistics, psychology, and research. We look at every problem from different angles and find the most optimal solution for it.

Inna Popko

Consultant & Principal

Inna Popko MA is a management consultant in the area of business processes optimization and business systems implementation. For nine years, Inna has been working with construction and HVAC corporations helping them implementing and integrating business applications and streamlining processes. Along with qualification in economics, business, psychology, and research, Inna received training on game theory and mathematical optimization and their value for economics and business. Inna’s education and experience gave her an understanding of what drives the profitability of a company and equipped her with methods to look for optimal solutions to address company business needs facing multiple constraints of time and budget.


Who We Serve

We work with various commercial organizations that believe the right use of technology can be the key to the success of their business.

Vertical Markets

  • Construction Sub-Contractors
  • Energy Management
  • HVAC Services

Clients We Worked With

  • es2
  • pc
  • Winona Heating & Ventilating
  • Control Solutions
  • Sunbelt Controls
  • Sylinx Limited
  • Skzpto
  • Bidtracer

Our Services

CanSolveIt consulting services bring unique management and technical expertise and best practices to streamline your company processes and reduce operational costs by effectively implementing and integrating new and existing applications.

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Business Systems Expertise

We implemented, configured, researched, integrated, and led IT and business transformation projects for multiple applications.

Smart use of technology shapes your business and gives you a competitive advantage.

Inna Popko, Principal
Inna Popko

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